The Pit – 7/29/2021

Pax: Square, Proximity(Q)

Weather: 73 degrees, 95% humidity, Dew Point 72

Warm up: SSH, kick with a twist, weedpickers, arm circles

The Thang:

AMRAP – 30 min

200m run

10 squats, 10 mericans

200m run

10 burpees, 10 block swings

200m run

10 Block thrusters, 10 BB sit ups

200m run

10 lawnmowers, 10 lunges

200m run

10 curl and press, 10 mountain climbers

Recover, recover


This was a sweaty one! The last one was freezing cold. We last performed the baseline test on Feb 2, so definitely due for an update – I think we should do this one quarterly. It’s a tough workout – I think theoretically the runner in me should like this one because running is where you can push the pace and get more reps in, but that is not what happened. Time flies when you are pushing yourself hard, although I remember hating this one the first time I did it. Great work by Square – missed Cornwallis pushing the pace and of course our long lost workout namesake. Square and YHC both completed 3.1 rounds before the buzzer rang.

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