4 PAX Teddy Bear, Cheeseball, Cosmo, DC(Q)

Disclaimer, Principles, Stretch


Mosey to first quadrant

-Merkins to Failure–hold skydiver till all PAX fail

-Heals to Heaven till failure–hold coach roach till PAX is done

Second Quadrant

-Merkins till failure—Knee Merkins to Failure

-American Hammers w Rock to failure–Drop the Rock…American Hammers 

-Rock in each hand….curls till failure….shoulder T’s till till mumblechatter

Third Quadrant

-Seal Merkins till failure–Dry Docks to failure

-TIp Toe Squats till Mumblechatter

-Curb calf raises till Chatter

-Ab toe touches

Fourth Quadrant

-Mary on the Court


  Men only become Men in the company of other Men.  The mumblechatter was classic, getting to know Teddy Bear was priceless.

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