Weather 75F with clouds. Muggy

Pax: Motorboat, Doozy, Miranda, Blades, Kitty

Warmup: SSH, air lat pull downs, Abe vigoda, mosey, Frankenstein walk

Thang: Had to improvise so we did a Tabbata workout. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds. 1 minute break and then the next exercise.
bicep curls
dips on the bench
chest press
superman hold
bonnie Blairs/jump tucks
knee slides/flutter kicks

recover recover

CSAUP coming up in 9 days
Prayers for tulip

NMM: Q didn’t make it so we made up a workout. This was a butt kicker and YHC is still feeling it. Doozy is going to take knee slides back to Richmond with him. Cant wait to see Doozy again this winter.

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