Weather: Clear, slight breeze, 66F

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/ZPC not responsible for you, modify, carry you to your car, ETC.)


Warmo: SSH, WP, Abe Vigotas, Kick with Twist, Overhead Claps

Mosey to rock pile, Motivator from 10, Burpeesx10 OYO

Pick up rock, goblet squats IC, Overhead press IC, Chest Press IC, Standing row IC, Kettle Bell Swing IC then repeat each exercise

Mosey to lower lot for suicides on parking spaces

Circle up for gumby by prayer walk area

Mountain->standing forward bend->mountain->standing forward bend->mountain->downward dog->Warrior one rt->warrior two rt->downward dog->high plank->side plank rt->high plank->downward dog-> Warrior one lt->warrior two lt->downward dog->high plank->side plank lt->high plank->downward dog->on 6 knees to chest->happy baby->pickle point pose (bridge)->knees to chest->recline twist rt->recline twist lt->corpse->seated position

Recover, Recover


Beautiful morning at Big EZ with another great showing. YHC had to use his outdoor voice in order to effectively lead especially with all the great mumble chatter. YCH loves Gumby at the end of a difficult week. Brickyard called Ace right after his car pulled out of the AO to inform PAX of a civilian with flat tire whom he instructed to pull in the lot. A pit crew of 5 PAX rushed to her aid and had flat changed in a time that would have been good for the Indy 500. Prayers for injured PAX. Prayers for the continued growth of Big EZ and F3 INDY. Proud of Pickles who approaches 1 year with F3. This HIM has been an inspiration to many. Coffee and Chai tea followed which was great 2nd F!

Always an honor to lead, AYE!

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