Weather 65 – Nice and Cool. Pax: Pickles, Spud, Hanson, Swan.

Warmup : SSH IC x20, WP IC x15, AC IC Fx10, Dx10. Stretch to Right Leg, Center and Left Leg for 5 Count. Walk on hands down to cobra position and back up x5 OYO. Leg switches on Curb IC x20.

Thang: Merkins with one hand on soccer ball, then switching it to other hand x15 OYO. Plank on Soccer Ball OYO.

Medicine ball squat toss bucket brigade lap on path. Dips OYO x15 at Shelter. Walking Lunges x20 OYO. 1/2 Medicine Ball Slam Lap on Path to Playground. Playground Equipment pullups or arm hangs. Pushups to Exhaustion. Finish Medicine ball slam lap to Shelter.

Moved to Parking lot for parking space suicide runs. <—- Need a better name.

Q – Tweaked Calf so extra time for Core work

Mary x3 : American Twists with Medicine Ball, Flutter Kicks IC x20, Hip Raises IC x20, crunchy frog IC x20, Plank To Elbows and back up x20, Shoulder taps x20, Chestimus Maximus or something like that by Pickles, 90 second Squat Hold, 90 Second Plank

Recover, recover

Moleskin: Q Supplemented by all PAX. Short notice replacement and rest of the PAX stepped up to fill in with exercise ideas. Nice cool morning for a workout.

Announcements: Hanson has his VQ this week on Tuesday at Tundra. Swan organizing Flag building opportunity in August.

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