07/31/21 at The Hill

Weather: 62° and beautiful

Disclaimer and core principles given

– 10 Merkins IC

Ruck down to 116th street and try to help a broken down chef (apparantly he was dressed like a chef, it can therefore only be assumed that he must be Italian) push his car out of the road.

On his way to The Hill, Optimus spotted a fella broken down on 116th. We decided to ruck back down to 116th at a Pontoon-pace to try and help the guy push his car out of the road. Fortunately for the chef, real help had arrived by the time we got there and he was about to get towed off. Hopefully he can go about his day and make some good spaghetti or whatever.

Ended with COT and YHC forgot PBTF 🤫

if you read this far put the 👨‍🍳 on slack

PAX: Blades, Optimus, Quick-Draw, PVC, Bumblebee Q

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