08/03/21 at The Vet

Weather: 58° and perfect

Disclaimer and core principles given

– Arm Pretzels x10 (IC), Arm Circles (Forward and Back) x10 (IC), Weed Pickers x10 (IC), Abe Vigodas x10 (IC)

Slowsy to steps
– 11’s:
Set 1 – Merkins and Aussie Pull Ups
50 LBC’s
Set 2 – Squats and Dips
50 BBSU’s
Set 3 – Incline Merkins and Shoulder Taps
50 Reverse Crunches
Recover x2

– Pax completed all 3 sets, another round of set 1, and about half of set 2
– So great to have Tulip back and some of the HIM’s from Grizzly. Of course, having some regulars was great too!
– YHC was all sorts of out of order at the end. Thanks for the reminders gentlemen
– A few dad jokes were uttered by Wrigley, one of which even got a chuckle
– MC was fairly low, probably because we had to count, but Pax let YHC know of their displeasure when we went back to set 1

Announcements (CSAUP 8/7, Convergence at Depot 8/21, Flag Building at Swan’s 8/18, Retreat); Prayers (Wrigley’s family, serviceman Jerry Rolinski USMC 61-67); Ended with COT and PBTF

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