The Pit – 8/3/2021

Weather: 59 degrees, feels like 59

Pax: Cornwallis, Proximity (Q)

Welcome, 5 core principles





Imp Walker

Plank Jack


Box Jumps x 25

At the Overlook:

SL Lunge Jumps 10 Each Side

SL Burpees 20 Each Side

Rolling Pistol Squats

Pistol Squats


Side Hanging Leg Raises (knees together) from bar

Knee Raises – alternating – From bar

Hanging Toes to Bar (extra credit only)

The Rock Pile:

T-Merkins x10

Bear Crawl up the Hill

Mtn Climbers x10

(repeat the circuit)

Renegade Rows (with Rocks) x 10

Bear Crawl up the Hill

Heel elevated squats x 10

(repeat circuit until time)


Heels to Heaven

Alternating Plank Extension

Extended Plank Mtn Climbers

Plank Jack


COR, NOR, Announcements, TAPs, Picture


Fun hearing about the trip Cornwallis took to the AT – that’s a bucket list thing for YHC. Full day of new workouts – some were awkward, but that was the goal. All the single leg exercises were challenging from a coordination standpoint. Fun to mix it up a bit. Great coffeeteria at Panera and q-Source discussion about prayer – something I need to do more and a great way to mitigate stress in our lives. Great weather today, fun morning at the Pit.

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