08/02/21 at The Hill

Weather: 57° and beautiful

Disclaimer and core principles given

– 10 Weed pickers IC
– Motivator from 8

– Mosey to east entrance

Ground Zero:
– 51 Flutter Kicks IC
– 10 Merkins
– Mosey to northwest corner road

Big EZ:
– 20 Rocky Humpers IC
– 30 Rock Curls IC
– 20 Pickle Obliterators
– Mosey to the Fishbowl

– 30 LBCs IC
– Red light/Green light low merkin hold
– Mosey to the basketball court

The Pit:
– 1 min wall sit
– Up + Down = 10 on the stairs
– Mosey to the titular Hill

The Hill:
– Sprint up
– 🤮
– 20 Smurf-Jacks IC
– Sprint down
– 🤮
– Mosey to the large field

– Bearcrawl across the field
– Mosey to the playground

The Depot:
– High plank
– Pullup until failure
– Mosey to the stairs

The Vet:
– 50 calf raises OYO
– 20 Dips IC

– 40 Low Dollies IC

PAX were not happy about the extra glitter kick tacked on to the 50 at GZ. I was going to stop at 40 but I thought they could handle more!

Khaki made the mistake of choosing a too big rock at BIG EZ and cane dangerously close to actually obliterating his pickle during the Pickle Obliterators.

We did LBCs under the Fishbowl to represent Tundra cause only babies work out inside… 😉

We encountered a first at The Pit when we found that the maintenance garage door open. Despite this we decided to wall sit anyway.

At The Hill we sprinted and it was miserable as always.

We had a nice slowzee to Grizzly where PAX were not amused by the notion of bear crawling across the field.

We got stronger at the Depot with some pullups where the tall guys had a distinct advantage. You may hear allegations that YHC was looking at Logger The Clogger’s butt, all of which are false…

I couldn’t think of any defining features of The Vet so we chose the stairs.

We covered a lot of ground today finding spots to represent each AO that will be visited on Saturday morning.

Cheeseball stopped by to say WOOO as we were getting ready for mary. YHC falsely said that it was Motorboat in the video. Not my fault they’re both bald and drive white, european cars!

Ended with COT and PBTF

PAX: Optimus, Headlock, Biscuit, Khaki, State, Logger, Bondo, Face-Off, Snooki, Bumblebee Q

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