6 Pax, Cosmo, Wrigley, Coyote, Mr Bean, Piddles, Pappy (Q) 

55 degrees, clear and calm 

Welcome/ Disclaimer/ 5 principles 

Warm up 

20 IC Imperial Walkers 

20 IC weed Pickers 

From 10 Motivators 

Slow Z toward March Parking Lot – Mosey once across the road.

Ladders At Marsh Workout 

Starting at curb, at each parking lot line complete reps and work out below until at far end curb. Sprint from Line to line. Repeat but at second length do every other line, 3rd do ever third, ec until 6 lengths are completed. Move to next round. 

Round 1- 5 merkins per line 

Round 2- 10 squats per line 

Round 3- 10 (1is 1) shoulder taps per line 

Round 4- 1 Burpee per line (only completed 2 lengths due to time)

Mosey Back to Park 


20 IC LBC 

20 IC Flutter kicks 

1 minute Prison Planks 

Recover recover 

COT- Pray for all those going back to school this week. 

Mole skins- Dad jokes flew as cosmos and Wrigley were there. We learned how a few got there F3 names, always worth the laugh. Great to be back after lock down. It was a pleasure and honor to work out with everyone. Great job.

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