Weather: Clear, 55ish F

Welcome: Principles & Disclaimer


Warmup: SSH, WP, Imperial walkers, Bat wings

Mosey to front lot, Big Sexy, IC – Dirty hookups, pickle pounder, pickle pointers, monkey humpers

Mosey to main lot, Mucho Chesto, IC – series of Merkins, regular merkins, diamonds, wide arm, staggered left arm, staggered right arm, decline, incline, peter parkers, one legged, Chuck Norris (knuckles)

Mosey to lower lot, Wall of Fire – with back against a partner, one person does 10xburpees and switch partner

Tractor tire flip around Baseball diamond – while 1pax flip tire from home to base1, then tire swtich hands. Pax continue with assigned exercise at base1 – squats, base2 – bobby hurleys, base3 – ww2, home – burpees.

Mary: LBCs, Crunchy frog, Heel touches, American hammer, Superman, Ironman, Dying Cockroach

Recover, Recover


1year anniversary, beautiful journey in past 365 days. Plenty to learn from you men, still dont know all of you. But one thing is there always which is camaraderie just by association. Great morning to be out with strong men. Mumble chatter, big sexy prematurely ended.. that was by design. COT ended with flash back when Q started back in 2020. Absolute joy to be here.

Love & Respect!

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