3 PAX (Welcome FNG Torrence) at grizzly for some Dora work on the Basketball court and a shoot around. Temp in the high 50s, foggy and muggy. I hoped for a little more sunlight around 6am but the overcast sky kept it gloomy.

Welcome and disclaimer with 5 core principles

Warm up
SSH x15
Weed pickers x10
Abe Vigoda x10
Imperial Walkers x15
Slow descent merkins x10

Arm warm ups/instant pain
Arm circles
Reverse arm circles
Raise the roof
Moroccan night club
Arm pretzels

Mosey to the basketball court for a 3 person Dora- Also known as a Torah

100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC while one person ran around the court
I made an edit to the plan and switched to 200 LBC

Slowzee to the bridge for 80 calf raises

At 6am we did a shoot around. We can confirm that none of us are, or ever have been, good at basketball.

Mosey back to the parking lot for a short round of Mary
Low flutters x15
Gas pumps x10
BBSU x10

FNG Torrence was a welcome addition. He was very familiar with work outs in cadence as he is a veteran of the Army. Great mumble chatter as we pushed each other in this work out and got to know each other better. Put a funny basketball gif in the comments OR ELSE!!!

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