8 PAX showed up for one last cool weather workout before next week’s heat wave. Sliot, CrabbyPo, Wapner, Jayz, Daisy, Pew Pew, Piper, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro lap
Arms/legs OYO
Grass Pickers x15IC
Shoulder Pretzels x15IC
Finkle Swings x10 ea. Leg OYO


Pretty simple…each grade was represented by an exercise.  Start with kindergarten only on round 1.  Round 2 is 1st grade + kindergarten.  Round 3 is 2nd grade + 1st grade + kindergarten, etc….1 lap around the Tip after each completed grade, 1 lap around the Maestro/CAP lap after finishing elementary school, 1 lap around the aviary after middle school.
• Kindergarten- 10 SSH
• 1st Grade- 10 Imperial Walkers
• 2nd Grade- 10 Squats
• 3rd Grade- 10 Calf Raises
• 4th Grade- 10 Curls
• 5th Grade- 20 LBC’s
• 6th Grade- 10 Merkins
• 7th Grade- 10 Mountain Climbers ea. leg
• 8th Grade- 20 Flutter Kicks
• 9th Grade- 10 Overhead Press
• 10th Grade- 10 Kettlebell Swings
• 11th Grade- 5 Mike Tysons
• 12th Grade- 5 Burpees

Recover, recover.

The PAX were beaming with hopes of today’s substitute teacher rolling in a tv and Jane Fonda Exercise VHS this morning, but despair quickly set in when they realized a lesson plan had been passed along to the sub-Q. The quick pace made the time fly and Sub-Q’s hopes of Grad school were sniffed out as time expired. Kudos to Pew Pew and Sliot for blasting through all the movements.

Next week is F3 Blackcat’s anniversary week with Coffeeteria and Q responsibilities to be passed on. Let’s set ourselves up for a strong transition with a full week of Double Digit Midgets!

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