Weather:             73 and humid

Pax:                       Head Lock, Wilson, Pontoon 19, SnapHook, Klinger, FNG-Lenny, Kindergarten Cop, Clancy, Biscuit (Q)

AHHHH. Not one PAX reminded the Q to recite the principles or disclaimers.  Hope FNG-Lenny comes back so he can hear them. 

F3 Five Core Principles and disclaimers. 

Always outside

Open to all men


Peer Led

Ends in Circle of Trust (COT)

WARM UP:         

10           Weedpickers – IC

10           Abe Vigoda’s – IC

THANG and Moleskin:

Interval ran north on Monon through Downtown.  Took a right through the neighborhood and weaved our way around to the high school.  Crossed Main past library (as a group) and then things got crazy.  We lost FNG-Lenny.  I mean really lost him.  PAX are running back in every direction and we absolutely lost this guy.  Time was getting short so we think he must know his way back and run back on Monon to the flag.  And out of thin air, here is Lenny.  He had to take an unannounced pitstop.  3.78 miles at 11:54 pace.  Some ran more, some ran less.  Who really knows or cares.  We all made it back and got some sweat going to start the week. 


Prayers for Pontoon 19’s friend Dan who is suffering from heart issues and a brain tumor.  Pontoon’s sister-in-law and her recovery.  SnapHook’s brother and sister-in-law and the healing of their marriage.  Teachers and students as they all go back to school.   

Don’t be the Q that loses a guy….PICK UP THE SIX.

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