5 pax at Tundra – Hansen, Marshall, Dig Dug, Kindergarten Cop, Pontoon-19 (Q)

Warm up –


Weed pickers

Slow tempo squat

Reach for the sky

Abe Begota

Mosy to the playground

Merkins 13

Squats 13

Lap – pax choice of form (mosy, skip, karaoke, lunge)

Mike Tysons 13

Calf raises 13

Lap – pax choice

Dips 13

Lat pull from any object 13

Lap – pax choice

Incline merkins 13

Mike Tysons 13

Lap – lunge walk

Mosy back to Tundra

Mary –

13 WW2 sit ups

13 flutter kicks

13 American hammers

13 pickle pointers


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