6 Pax at Grizzly- Cosmos, Coyote, Teller, Piddles, Mr. Bean, Pappy (q)

75 degrees Dry, calm and muggy 


5 principles 

Warm Up 

15 IC Weed Pickers 

15 IC Imperial Walkers 

15 IC Hillbilly Walkers 

10 IC Forward Arm Circles 

10 IC Backwards Arm Circles 

50 IC Air Presses 


Mosey to Court 

21’s (stat with 1 rep for each exercise below and add one rep at each court line up to 21 rep)

Hand release Merkins 

Big Boys 

Monkey Humpers 


Recover Recover 

Mole skin- in total 231 reps per exercise and 924 total reps. We started with  chatter and some dad jokes, but as the reps went up the conversation dropped. We finished the last rep at 6:15 and called recover recover. No Marry was needed as we did 231 Big Boys. 95% humidity. All were moist. Great work out. 

COT- Tellers Good knee.

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