75 degrees, humid, slight beeeze with the threat of rain for 9 PAX to celebrate the year that was before we celebrate our anniversary on Friday. Warner, CrabbyPO, Stache, Piper, Sliot, jay-Z, Boucher, Bubblicious, Daisy-QIC.


  • Reach arounds-10IC
  • Scorpion stretch
  • Stretch tightness OYO
  • Burpivator- Burpee motivator from 3 (burpee, 1/2 burpee, groiner, merkins)

Indian run around Petting zoo, stopping at speed bump for speed humps then to Bob Sanders

Fartlick on Bob Sanders

Mosey to baseball diamond for Vicious Circle- Indian Bear crawl around the bases while last mad runs to pitchers mound for 5 squats then to front of the line.

Mosey to Festivus pole- power Merkins- 10 each

Mosey to basketball court for Slimdog Court Jester- suicide with 2 burpees at baseline, increasing number by 2 burpees each time you hit the baseline. Followed by Shakin’ Bacon Burpees (3).

Mosey to bottom of the stairs

Journey to the “All-knowing Weiner Oracle” started with a lap around the Wizard Sleeve, then each PAX completing a stairbarrow, and a gathering of celebration around the Oracle- however you feel fit.

Leeroy Jenkins called- sprint to bath house with 5 burpees once there.

Teams picked up their golf dice- and played a hole of golf to the large shelter with a dog leg left to the flags.

Blocks out for final push:

  • Murder bunnies the length of the concession stand
  • One round of Shawshank/ Andy Dufrenes
  • Round of Murph 10/20/30
  • Grave diggers for 30 seconds.



As we get ready to celebrate the anniversary, YHC thought it would be nice to celebrate Fiscal Year that was. Research was done to look over past back blasts and refresh the mind of some of the greatest moments from the year. So a list was compiled to make a full body workout around the park. YHC believes most of these were some of the most memorable best downs of the year. And when PAX started guessing the exercise at the locations, it feels like they were justified. The burpee number was a little higher than realized, and groans were aplenty throughout the morning. A possible honorable mention workout may be in the works for some exercises that were not able to be included due to time. But that is for another time. All in all- a good workout out with possible PTSD relived from some of the exercises. But nice to reflect on the past year and ramp up for the year to come. It is great to have this group for our physical health, our fellowship, mental release, and accountability. Thanks fellas for the year that was- and let’s have a great start to the new “Fiscal year” ahead! And for those fartsackers, please ask those that were in attendance about “decks.” It was an eye opening discussion.

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