Pax: motorboat, snooki, biscuit, faceoff, woolly Dutchman, CheeseBall (Q)

Ultimate is a great workout, but not for YHC. Usually I would go to EZ or Grizzly on an ultimate day, however time would not permit that, so we scheduled a beatdown for anyone that didn’t want to throw a frisbee.

Thang: YHC fell asleep prior to planning a beatdown, even with high hopes of having something on paper. Decided to do the same beatdown that Coyote did during the CSAUP. He had said that it was the Cooper Hero Wod, but it was a little different, which means someone will see the actual Cooper WOD at some point in the future. Snooki And woolly did not seem too happy to have to do this again, but figured we needed a chance to try and beat motorboat this time (we all failed of course)

10 decreasing rounds of 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 merkins then a lap up the stairs and down path, then decrease to 9, then 8, etc.

We then each picked an exercise to do. Woolly chose pull ups – 30 combined between group, motorboat chose flutter kicks (of course) – 25 IC, snooki chose big bois- 20 OYO, faceoff chose monkey humpers, biscuit chose pickle pounders, CheeseBall chose 3 sets of calf raises and pull ups on the handrail. Then we had a lap around lower lot before YHC had to leave a little early for work.

Had a great time today as a pseudo leader. If I do a beatdown on Wednesday at the hill again, I will be sure to have something prepared.

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