5 Pax posted at The Vet – Beefsteak, Snaphook, Klinger, Motorboat, and Waldo

Weather: upper 70’s and humid

F3 Core Principles, F3 Mission, and disclaimer given.

Warm-up: SSH, Abe Vagotas, Arm Circles, Weedpickers, Imperial Walkers

Push-o-rama for 25 count

Suicides (5 cones)

  • Regular
  • 5x SSH at every change of direction
  • Burpee at every change of direction
  • 5 Burpees at every cone
  • Bear Crawl out, run back
  • Crab Walk or Lunge out, run back

Core Run – One Pax runs up the stairs and does 10x SSH and runs back. All other Pax do a core exercise. Repeato for all Pax. Those were Flutter Kicks, Hallelujah Low Dolly’s, American Hammers, Big Bois, and WWIs,

Partner up. P1 does dips while P2 lunge walks out and back. Flip Flop and repeato 2x.

Mary: 50x 4-ct Flutter kicks as a present to Motorboat

Recover Recover

Moleskin: It was a hot morning for the Pax. We initially started our suicide runs on the grass area south of the Palladium, but soon realized our tax dollars are paying for over watering. Instead of making a mess of the soaked grass we moved over to the brick. YHC’s suggestion is that we should consider naming the sprawled out position on the ground as the Liggitt position. Suggestion #2 was that we should have a name for V-ups vs just V-ups. YHC modified a short Mary to support Motorboat’s goal of 1 billion flutter kicks. Waldo was named Waldo after learning that he got lost on Monday’s interval run at the Vet. Classic. Thanks for the opportunity men! Beefy

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