August 12th, 2021

3 PAX at Ground Zero in humid weather: Logger, Chirp Chirp, Woolly Dutchman (Q)

Warm-up: 10 SSH IC, 10 weed pickers IC, 10 forward arm circles IC


Mosey to sand volleyball court

Round 1

Station 1 – in the sand

1 pax did 10 Turkish get-ups with 20 lbs sand bag while other 2 pax do AMRAP of WWII sit-ups and burpees. When first pax finishes get-ups, pax rotate exercises until all have completed the 10 get-ups.

Ruck 80 yards with sandbags to Station 2: 1 pax rucks with the 40 lbs and 20 lbs sand bags, 1 pax rucks with a 60 lbs sandbag, and 1 pax rope drags the 80 lbs sand bag.

Station 2 – in the woods

1 pax does 10 man-makers with the 40 lbs sandbag, 1 pax does AMRAP power cleans with a 60 lbs sandbag, and 1 pax does AMRAP bent rows with a 60 lbs sandbag. When first pax finishes man-makers, pax rotate exercises and repeat until all three have completed each.

Repeat 80 yard ruck back to the sand, with a different pax on the 80 lbs bag drag.

Round 2 (same format, different exercises)

Station 1 – in the sand

Pax 1: 8 turkish get-ups, Pax 2: lunge walk across the volleyball court and back, Pax 3: alligator merkins across the volleyball court. Rotate exercises (x2)

Repeat 80 yard ruck to woods with a different pax on the 80 lbs bag drag.

Station 2 – in the woods

Pax 1: man-makers with 20 lbs bag, Pax 2: curls with 40 lbs bag, Pax 3: squats with 60 lbs bag. Rotate (x2)

Ruck back to sand.

Round 3 (same format, different exercises)

Station 1 – in the sand: get-ups, LBCs, and flutter kicks

Ruck to woods.

Station 2 – 20 lbs man-makers, 60 lbs cleans, 60 lbs bent rows

Ruck 150 yards to truck, 1 pax rope drags 80 lbs sand bag, other 2 pax log carry the 20, 40, 60, and 60 lbs bags attached with straps.

Moleskin: Chirp and Logger didn’t seem to be as excited about the idea of exercising in the sand, but YHC wasn’t discouraged. Moving all the bags back in forth in a short amount of team really highlighted the power of teamwork, even with only three pax. Together we will do great stuff! There was sand in shoes, socks, shorts, shirts, beards, hair, and other places. It was all worth it as pax were able to watch shooting stars while imagining they were laying on the beach. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Motorboat for loaning the sandbags!

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