August 13th, 2021

14 PAX at the Hill for a block party with blocks and bags: GTL, Motorboat, Faceoff, Headlock, Hanson, Teddy Bear, Blades, Cheeseball, State, Khaki, Nomad, Square, Kindergarten Cop, Woolly Dutchman (Q)

Warm-up: SSH IC, weed pickers IC, arm circles IC

Shoulder carry blocks out to softball field, partner up, one team of 2 Pax at each station, the rest of the teams at the base station

Base Station:

Partner 1 does 5 man-makers, partner 2 does flutter kicks with block up, then switch. Repeato until its your team’s turn to go to station 1 or 2.

Moving to and from Station 1 (approximately 50 yards from base station)

Partner 1 rope drags the 80 lbs sandbag to Station 1 while partner 2 farmer carries both team member’s blocks. The team who was exercising at station 1 drags 80 lbs bag and farmer carries their own blocks back to base station. Repeat, repeat….

Station 1

Partner 1 does power cleans with a 60 lbs sandbag while partner 2 does bent rows with another 60 lbs sand bag. Rotate between the two exercises as needed. AMRAP until another team arrives.

Moving to and from Station 2 (approximately 30 yards from base station)

Both team members murder bunny from base station to Station 2 with blocks. Both team members bear crawl block drag back to base station when relieved by next team. Repeat, repeat…

Station 2

Partner 1 does curls with 40 lbs sandbag while partner 2 does Turkish get-ups with 20 lbs sandbag. Switch exercise as needed. AMRAP until next team arrives.

Teams continue to rotate between stations for 30ish minutes.

Slowsy back to cars.

Mary: high block plank, low block plank with tilt back, flutter kicks with block raised, low dolly with block raised, block plank, LBC

Recover, recover. COT

Moleskin: Not a lot of mumble chatter as pax were trying to figure out what YHC wanted them to actually do. Although it was a failure in YHC’s execution, it was cool to hear everyone communicating to each other and figuring out the routine together. I really liked this workout, and if Motorboat would be willing to loan his sandbags again, I might try something similar once or twice a month. How do we make this routine better moving forward? Thanks for the opportunity to improve!

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