7 PAX posted

64° and calm


Maestro lap

Overhead claps ICX20

Grass pickers ICX15

Sprinklers ICX15

LBAC ICX10 each direction


Seal claps ICX15


Jog 1.75 sides of the Bermuda Triangle

Sprint the straight away from the shelter house to the street.

Walk last .25 back around to the concession stand

Complete 2 fart lick Laos

10 incline mekins

10 decline merkins

10 dips

20 squats

20 lunges

20 skaters

More fart lick….more reps


Monkey humpers ROF x10

Gorilla humpers ROF x10

Pickle pointers ROF x10

Pickle pounders ROF x10

Flutter kicks ICX15


It seems the COVID bug has taken a bite out of Black Cat. We missed 2 of our brothers today and prayed for their healing. Piper was also missing which was a huge missed opportunity to gain ground on Wapner and their attendance challenge. We started year 5 off strong today with a lot of goals being verbalized. Boucher seemed to verbalize almost everything, as it was discovered that’s it’s hard to keep a ROF going when one PAX is constantly “verbalizing.” There was also mention of some Ms asking about F3 for women. It was decided that using the work computer to look up “females in action” may be frowned upon. The Fartlek on the Bermuda Triangle had positive feedback. Better than Bob Sanders but may have undervalued the length of the walking portion. Hope everyone stays healthy and we all make it back out on Wednesday. You too Piper.

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