Nice morning at Lions Park. Perfect for a run heavy. Had a solid 8. Mullet, Springbok, Sarge & Pantalones for the more regular crew. Beater with a much welcomed surprise post. Relatively new to the Run Heavy with their 2nd posts each I believe were Ten Point and Pallet. And a V- Run Heavy to Kickstarter.

Started sharply at 5:30 AM – SSH, Weedpickers, Abe’s, Imperial Marches

The Thang – A warmup mosey to the Gazebo. Meat of it consisted of laps that were led by a new pacesetter set forth by the Q back to the Gazebo (about .45 miles each lap). Mullet got us started and threw in 10 pull-ups. Q wanted to get Beater’s lap over with so he went next and set a Jesse Owens like pace but we kept him in our sights in the gloom. After each lap there were 3 exercises. A plank-ish exercise followed by 10 merkins and 10 WW1s. Almost everyone got to set the pace. I counted 6 total laps and sets of exercises.

A shade over 3 miles total and some happy people for the RR callout. Prayers for the soldiers that served in Afghanistan for what they must be dealing with emotionally right now. A request for prayers for my daughter who is having a series of tests done for some hip problems that have come back with a vengeance.

Always honored and inspired to be with these men.

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