08/17/21 at The Hill

Weather: 70° or so and HUMID

Disclaimer (Thanks Motorboat) and core principles given

– 20 SSH IC
– 10 Weed pickers IC
– 5 Burpees OYO to remind pax that F3 is a workout group, not just an ultimate frisbee group.

– Double Ultimate Frisbee + beatdown by Cheeseball

Had to call an audible and switch the field to two games this morning. The beatdown fellas caused some confusion on the team count off. Cheese must’ve had something hard up his sleeve because they were sweatin! Newly names Gazelle brought his speaker that was literally the size of a suitcase. Square went undercover by not wearing a jersey and caused some chaos. We gave guys a hard time about only ever posting at ultimate. come out to some other workouts! There are 8 locations!

Ended with a very large COT and PBTF

PAX: Sea-Ray (FNG-Rob), Bloodhound (FNG-Ross), Gazelle (FNG-Joey), Snooki, Puzzler, Snitches, Motorboat, Cheeseball, Jeeves, Morpheus, Wilson, Teddy Bear, Swan, Pantalones, Kickstarter, Llama Llama, Sub-Zero (DR), Ringo, Blades, FNG-Greg, Face-Off, Khaki, OB, Junkyard, Square, Cornwallis, Spaceballs, Bumblebee Q

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