The Pit

Pax: Dr Porkchop, Proximity, Square, Cornwallis

Disclaimer, Core principles


SSH x 20

Ist x 10

Windmill, weedpickers x 10 each

Kick with twist x 10

Arm circles x 10 F and B


4 rounds of 25 burpees and run 1/4 mile. Total 100 burpees and 1 mile for total time

Mosey to blocks

15 thrusters, murder bunny 25 yards, 15 thrusters, MB back


Flutter kicks, rosalita, touch them heals, Freddie Mercury x 20 for each in cadence

Sun dials

Recover recover


– so great having Dr. porkchop back out today!

-today was all about pushing cardio while fatigued to get ready for IPC

-everyone busted it hard today and shirts came off early

-we got some looks when we appeared out of the woods sweaty without our shirts on. Nothing to see here guys, carry on.

– Have a great day men and keep accelerating in all aspects of your life


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