68 degrees with 8 Pax on this comfortably foggy morning.

PAX: Crabby PO, Latte, Pew Pew, Daisy, Jay-Z, Sliot, Ariel, Boucher-QIC


Maestro C.A.P. lap

Motivator- 9 (innings)

Sprinkler- 9 (defensive players on the field)

Merkins- 27 OYO (total outs for a perfect game)

Willie Mays Hayes


  • Long Mosey to (soft)ball Diamond

7 of Daimonds- outside of diamond, stop at 4 corners and do exercise, each round increase by 7 reps per corner

Round 1- Burpees (7)

Round 2- Lunges (14) each leg

Round 3- big boys (21)

Round 4- Merkins (28)

Round 5- Squats (21)

Round 6- plank crunches (14, 7 each side) **** Had to skip this one due to time

Round 7- Burpees (7)


  • Raised tow touches x10 OYO
  • Pickle pointers x15 OYO
  • Hold boat until recover


The recent MLB game that was played at the filming site of the 80s cinema classic “Field of Dreams” inspired the Q to provide a properly themed beat down.  The best part about this winky was that it was able to be heavily sampled from a baseball themed beat down Daisy hosted back in 2019 (pre rona).  As much as the Q enjoyed not having to write a new winky from scratch he was quickly reminded of the high suck factor from the beat down in consideration for sampling.  Memories flowed in from that day that was only the Qs 2nd posting, filled with much wind sucking and possible tears from a rookie out of shape pax which no one could have believed would one day hold the Top Pax belt. That historical day also brought Sliot’s nickname that was chosen over “Gander” due to Jay-Z official rules that a FNG cannot like their new name.  The last but best part of the sampled winky was that any slander thrown at the Q could be diverted toward Daisy as the mastermind behind the morning activities.

                This morning’s beatdown provided a heavy challenge although the Q and Pax that have been regulars noticed the suck level did not seem as high as 2 years prior which would likely be attributed to hard work and commitment by some.  The March level of burpees was not a fan favorite among the PAX but provided a benefit of forcing Ariel to keep his shirt on to protect himself from the moist blades of grass.  The full Thang was not able to be complete due to time but the Q was still satisfied enough with the grunt and groan level to jump ahead to Mary. 

                Many prayer concerns this morning for those close to us who are sick or healing from many different things including some of our F3 brothers.  Good weather, good beat down, good company = God is Great!

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