72° Swampy. Very swampy. Perfect for a frog

9 men posted


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Motivator from 10

Nipple Tweakers ICX15

Reach Around ICX15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Superman’s 10 OYO

Mosey to the newly named Private Place

Crowd pleaser pyramid to 5 and back down

Dirty hook up ICX10


Group split into 2 teams at Bob Sanders drive

First group ran to first light pole while second group did SSH. Upon arrival at pole, first group started SSH while second group ran to meet them. This process continued at each pole until reaching the stop sign.

At the stop sign the exercise changed for the return trip.

The following exercises were completed making for a total of 6 trips.



Leg lifts


Shoulder taps


ROF: monkey humpers, pickle pounders, squats


20 leg lifts OYO

Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointers ICX20

Hello Dolly ICx10



Mumble chatter was low. Suck factor was high. It was observed that since moving the location of the flags we essentially lossed the happy place. The happy place has always been a place of torment and not so happy. In order to create another destination for our workouts, the former flag location is now known as “The Private Place.” This name stems from the private parking in that location, among other things. The new name was described by Boucher as being “just creepy enough.” Mission accomplished. The Thang, although not real creative, did bring one PAX to ask, “what were you on when you came up with this?” This brought yours truly much satisfaction. Good to see so many posting, even with 2 still out. See you all Friday. Good work.

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