August 24, 2021

TUNDRA (Dillion Park) – The Lord prepared a beautiful muggy day for us to do WORK and Fellowship!

Good Ol Fashion Beatdown

9 PAX and a VQ (yours truly) showed up and showed out. @pontoon19, @nomad, @hanson, @motorboat, @slider, @logger, @kitty, @wrigley, @miranda (VQ)

I was so anxious to get started I almost skipped the disclaimer and 5 Core Principles, but the vet Pax got me straight.

Warm up:

Side Straddle Hop (20), High Knee Stretch into a Lunge (5 each leg), Slower Weed Pickers (10), Arm Pretzels (10)


Shoulder Taps (10 – In Cadence), Ankle Taps (10 – In Cadence), Dips (10 – In Cadence), Standing Broad Jumps (10 – on your own), Iron Man (Hold for 30 secs), Mule Kicks (10 – on your own) (PS Mule Kicks Kick A@@ PSS Pun Intended), Abyss Merkin (10 – In Cadence), short Mosey around the Rotunda. REPEAT 3 TIMES

Duck Duck Goose – 200 Air Squats is completion. One person (the Goose) runs around the Rotunda and selects a new Goose, the old Goose then gets back in formation and pushes to 200 squats. The Goose then selects another Goose . 1st to 200 wins…no one ever is out…200 is a must. @motorboat won.


Butterfly sit ups (10 – In Cadence), LBC (20 – In Cadence), Low Dolly’s (15 – In Cadence), High Dolly’s (15 – In Cadence), Low Plank (30 – secs), High Plank (30 – secs) REPEAT 2 TIMES

Cool Down:

Nothing specified…mainly leg and back stretches


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