9 Pax posted in 68ish degrees. Humid but not too bad– Maestro, Daisy, Piper, Jay-Z, Wapner, Crabby-PO, Latte, Sliot-QIC ………

Warm Up:
Arm Circles X15IC Forward and Back + Arm Stretches OYO
Tempo Squats X15IC + Leg Stretches OYO
Grass Pickers X15IC + Calf

Indian Run around the PP to the stairs – “Runnin’ Down a Dream” Tom Petty

Thang: Stairs and Core – Pax split up on the stairs. QIC barked out the movement for each song. Repeat through the duration of the song.
Paula Abdul – “Straight Up” 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Only one set of stairs.
Otis Redding- “(Sittin’) On the Dock of the Bay” – PAX held Al Gore for one minute
Brad Paisley- “Mr. Policeman”Prisoner laps, both stairs. Stop at the top of each lap for 5 No Surrenders.
38 Special- “Hold on Loosely” – PAX held plank for one minute
Ted Nugent- “Stranglehold” – Regular Suicides
Chris Janson- “Buy Me a Boat” – PAX held boat/canoe for one minute
Steak- “Big Bear” – Bear Crawl up, Crab Walk down. One set of stairs

THANG Part 2 in the shelter house:
Hot Chocolate – “You Sexy Thing” AMRAP LBCs
AC/DC – “THUNDERSTRUCK” – Pax hold plank. Merkin every time they hear “thunder” in the song

Mary: Dealer’s Choice (The Steve Miller Band – “The Joker”)

Higher than normal showing for a stair based beat down provided by YHC. This was a revisited winky, almost exactly a year apart. Q decided to throw in a little more core to break up the cardio monotony. Q was unsatisfied with the volume level of the portable speaker, could not find the dial to crank it to 11. Regardless Piper was happy to have any music at all. Conversation turned quickly to one late arriving PAX and what could have caused his tardiness. Several theories in play here but the majority are blaming it on confusion about the location of the “PP” and appropriate times to visit it. Q was extremely pleased to elicit a patented Jay-Z groan when Thunderstruck started playing. Jay-Z was excited for music on the stairs, not so much in the shelter house. Win some, lose some.
COT brought focus to those still battling illness. We hope for continued good news from Humdinger. Good to see Maestro after a short absence. Continued prayers for him and his family. Enjoy the weekend, fellas.

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