71 degrees, wet not raining with lighting in the distance. 

6 Pax arrived including FNG (John), Coyote, Piddles, Mr Bean, Teller, Pappy (Q)


5 Principles 

Warm up 

20 IC Weed Pickers 

20 IC Imperial walkers 

20 IC side straddle hops 

Block carry (Pax choice) to pavilion and move tables. 

Thang – Circle of Cathy 

Cathy is Cindy’s young but bigger friend- 50 lbs or 42% heavier than Cindy

In a circle complete 10 reps of each of the below exercises with Cindy, Q’s Cindy was replaced with Cathy. Must complete the 50 reps in 80 seconds, followed by 45 sec break. Everyone than moves to the next block on their left. Repeat. Every Pax went three rounds with Cathy. 180 total reps of each work out completed, including 30 rep each with Cathy.



Overhead Presses 



Chest Press

Recover Recover 

Cot- Prayers for School, and the craziness of the world.

Mole Skin- Cathy added a new level. All Pacs “enjoyed” their time with her. A lot of grunting and bad jokes were heard. Coyote had trouble getting Cathy into the right position, she can be a little awkward to handle do to her size. FNG John was neck and neck with all other PAX, welcome John.

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