Weather: cloudy and muggy 85 degrees

Pax: Quick, Coyote, DC, Zoolander (Q) and special guest Ivy

Warm up: Chat and give some lovin’ to the good girl Ivy while we wait for DC.

The thang: Since I hurt my back (getting out of bed or helping defend an elderly lady from being mugged, you choose) I knew a block party wouldn’t be in the picture. Walking seems to be the only thing that is comfortable. So, why not ruck!?! That’s what we did! A little over 1.5 mi.

Mary: According to Quick’s Dr. crunches can help with back pain so why not give it a try 10 LBC IC

Moleskin: It was a lot of fun leading OwlBear and I appreciate the support from the HIMs that joined me through out the year. Sometimes good ideas don’t pan out and OwlBear just happened to be that way. I will see you all during breaks or on open Saturday mornings.

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