5 Core Principles

Mosey around the prommenade
The Thang
Tibetan 5 Rights x12
Crescent Pose
Warrior Series
Warrior 1, 2, Reverse 
Legs, Back, Arms
Slowsy back to flags
Low 70s, overcast and humid
Pax:  Wilson, Biscuit, Slider, Swayzee, Cosmo(Q)
Great day for a Yoga/Gumby with this #HIMs!  Everyone worked hard and hopefully gained some flexibility in the process.  Mumblechatter was low, but Q didn’t really provide much opportunity with the Yoga effort.  Great to workout with these guys at the VET and awesome to see Swayzee back out in the Gloom!
Keep at it men and keep giving it away!
Always a privilege!



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