5 Pax defeated the fartsack and posted at The Vet for Week 0 of IPC.

Weather: Humid. 70 ish. Disclaimers/Cores

WarmO : 20 SSH IC – Arm Circles 10 F/R IC – Rubber bands – & Michael Phelps

Warm up part 2. 100 Merkins, Run 800 Meters, 75 Merkins, Run 1200 Meters, 50 Merkins, Run 1600 Meters, 25 Merkins, Run 2000 Meters.

The Thang: Slowsy back for PBTF- COT- Nam-o-rama.

Moleskine: Well, that was tough. twas no shocker that the Pax at the Pit crushed it. For those pax who are completing week 0 later this week- here are a few tips that will help you shave off a few minutes. Try not to emotionally embrace the sidewalk with your face between sets of 3 Merkins. Concrete is deceptively cool in the Gloom and can be tempting relief for hot face cheeks when you get to the 75 and 50 area of the workout, but it’s not worth it and can cost you precious seconds. Second tip, don’t slowsy, you’ll be tempted to in the 2000 Meter, but acceleration is a better choice. T-Claps to Cornwallis and Proximity for running an extra final 400 with Pork and YHC. Square and all the Pax encouraged each other throughout the suck. YHC spent some time with family yesterday at my Uncle’s Funeral- great reminder to listen as I looked back and was so grateful of all the conversations I had with him, my fondest times with him as he aged were times when I would just shut up and listen to him tell stories and laugh, he poured so much into me and our family. Another HIM moment today as Proximity and I shared coffee and fellowship I watched as Cornwallis spent 30 minutes or more listening to a man sitting near the entrance of Panera. The next time you have a chance to listen, take it.

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