08/31/21 at The Hill

Weather: 68° and quite refreshing compared to yesterday

Disclaimer and core principles given

IPC Week 0

100 Merkins
0.5 Mile run
75 Merkins
0.75 Mile run
50 Merkins
1.0 Mile run
25 Merkins
1.25 Mile run

Logger: 34:45
Bumblebee: 36:35
Slowsey: 36:39
Faceoff: 36:58
Headlock: 37:22
Chirp Chirp: 39:30
Optimus (mod): 39:30
Snooki (mod): 40:57

Guys did a great job today. Cheeseball, who put up a great score yesterday, stopped by on his way to work for a little encouragement. Logger put down an impressive score! Slowsey came back STRONG for not being able to post in August, he had Face and Headlock on his tail the whole way. I put my score on there but I really did the workout yesterday. Chirp and Optimus finished strong together. Snooki found a good groove and finished in no time. All pax finished before 0615!

Ended with a COT and PBTF

PAX: Chirp Chirp, Logger, Optimus, Snooki, Faceoff, Slowsey, Headlock, Bumblebee Q

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