64 degrees, cloudy, damp ground from a light rain, and 10 PAX came out for a block party! Latte, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Bubblicious, Slit, Boucher, Pew Pew, Piper, Wapner, Daisy QIC

Warm up:

  • Albatross Wing
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Leg Blaster

Block carry to Bob Sanders

Thang 1: Farmer Carry Dora

One PAX did an exercise while partner farmer carried blocks to first pole and back. Flap jack until 100 Merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs completed.

Thang 2: Block Leap Frog

Group 1 did an exercise until group 2 carried their blocks to the first pole. Group 2 then started exercising until group 1 carried blocks to the next pole. Leap frog continued all the way to stop sign. Then repeat back. Round 1- Heavy Freddie’s, Round 2- Block Squats

Thang 3: 60 second block holds

  • Round 1- Overhead
  • Round 2- Heavy Gore
  • Round 3- Out Front


  • Heavy Hammers- 20 OYO
  • Heavy Pickle Pointers- 20IC
  • Heavy Flutter Kicks- 20IC


Given recent temps, a nice cool morning to start off September! Piper was hopeful of a lead change in the friendly competition, but Wapner appeared in the gloom to keep things tied at 10 (if my math is correct). You know it’s gonna be a great morning when the groans are starting and we haven’t completed the first exercise! No messing around today- Albatross wing is no joke, and paired with a leg blaster- we were off and running. Dora was a little more painful than usual with the farmer carry addition. Boucher shared his concern asking if YHC had checked his weinke before the beatdown. Assurances were made that it was checked twice and it could only get worse. Great efforts made today. The blocks didn’t disappoint. Not sure about the other PAX- but YHC felt it on the drive back to Kokomo. Congrats to Piper and his M for 19 years of marital bliss! Continues prayers for those dealing with loss and for healing of our group members and family. Plans are being made for F2 gathering with families at Wapner’s. Hoping for great fellowship! Please let him know if you are able to attend! One more beatdown coming in the gloom on Friday this week!!!! Let’s see if we can’t get a few more Kotters and end the week with a larger number than today! See you all then!!!

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