Weather: 60ish and perfect

Pax: Sub Zero, Snaphook, Pickles, Nomad

Warmup: WP IC x10, OYO stretching

Thang: you already know it

100 merk then 2, 400 m laps

75 merk, then 3 laps

50 merk, then 4 laps

25 merk, then 5 laps

Recover, recover

Moleskin: there we were, in the gloom, wrestling with the beast they call IPC. There were merkins on our right and 400 meter laps on our left. The only way to get to the other side was to fight right through the middle. I’m slashing and stabbing and giving it all I have. If you’re imagining a battle scene from Braveheart, you’re pretty spot on. Then, in the smoke of the battle field, a war cry cuts through the air. I see him just a few yards away, surrounded by foes and shoeless, his battle axe dispensing justice. Not a single merkin or meter was shown mercy. “His fighting is poetry in motion!” I thought.

Yep, you heard that right. About half way through, Pickles removed his running shoes and proceeded to finish the damn thing barefoot. Not only does the man eat IPC cereal for breakfast on nearly a daily basis, but apparently he does so barefoot now too. Next IPC, I expect him to be completing it uphill, both ways, in 12 inches of snow.

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