Pax: Biscuit, Wilson, GTL, Clancy, & Slider (Q)
Disclaimer and Core Principles

Weed Pickers x 10 IC
Arm Circles x 10 (forward and backward) IC
Kick with a Twist x 10 IC
SSH x 11 IC

Roll 2 white die and 3 green die. White die determines the exercise, green die determines reps. After each round, short mosey around the lawn.
2 – Tempo Merkins
3 – Calf Raises
4 – Tempo Squat with Jump
5 – LBC’s (2 is 1)
6 – Squats
7 – Merkins
8 – Big Boy Sit Up’s
9 – Carolina Dry Docks
10 – Dips
11 – Aussie Snow Angels
12 – Burpees
Recover Recover!

No Mary…built it into the workout

Announcements & Prayers
Retreat this weekend, Service project with Pantalones, Motorboat’s Q challenge
Carter, Wilson’s 2.0 Izzy, Sliders 2.0 Koob, all the men and women who bravely served during 9/11

Moleskin: Great group of men out this morning. Got in close to 10 rounds. A few remarks about heading to Vegas with all the 7’s we rolled, and rolling 12 3x was not expected. Great to chat with these HIM’s during the short mosey around the lawn. Nothing we did was overly taxing, but at the end, we were all thrilled to hear Recover Recover! Honor to serve and thank you for pushing me beyond what I’m capable on my own!

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