62 degrees, clear skies, and damp ground from the over night rain made for a nice morning in the gloom for 8 PAX; Jay-Z, Piper, Wapner, CrabbyPO, Sliot, Boucher, Stache, Daisy-QIC


  • Shoulder Pretzels- 20IC
  • Pec and Lat stretch 30 sec each
  • Reach around- 10IC
  • Grass pickers- 15IC
  • Leg Stretches- OYO

Mosey with Blocks to Private Place

Thang 1- Top Gun

10 minute exercise with blocks; rinse and repeat 10 reps of Skull Crushers, Upright Rows, Curls, Heavy Standing Hammers, Squats; each minute on the minute stop and do 3 burpees then resume where left off.

Thang 2- Maestro lap circuit

4 stops around petting zoo and “unit.” Complete exercises then move on. Rinse and repeat until time.

  • Private place- 10 kettlebell swings, 10 imperial walkers
  • Stop sign- 5 sets of Worst Merkins Ever
  • Happy place- 10 dips, 10 wing nuts, 5 pull-ups
  • Pool house- 10 Alternating Should Taps

Mary- Alphabet then hold canoe


Another nice fall-like morning for today’s beatdown. Just missed DDM, so a little disappointment the streak has ended. Conversations about Monday’s workout and the amount of burpees were a part of the chatter this morning. Little did they know- more burpees were ahead. Top Gun brought the welcome sound of groaning and the arms took a bit of a beating. Worst merkins ever were not as fun after Top Gun as imagined when putting the weinke together. The competition between Wapner and Piper is still in an even tie. Maybe a few other PAX should get into a similar competition to encourage more regular attendance?!?!? Several laughs at the end of workout- those that missed out will have to just wonder why. Always nice to share in laughter after the beatdown together.

Continued prayers for those sick with COVID and those having to navigate the day-to-day close encounters. Looking forward to Friday and the opportunity to strive for improvement!!! See you in the gloom!

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