Weather; 65. PAX: Slider, Waldo and Snaphook. Disclaimers and Core’s announced.

Warm: Weed Pickers, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, and SSH

Thang. 3 rounds. 800 M run, murder bunny 25 yds. 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 yds. 20 blockees with a thruster. murder bunny 25 yds, 10 shoulder tap merkins. reverse murder bunny 25 yds.

Rd 2 and 3 more of the same except the 20 changes to 20 horizontal burpee block jump over at Round 2, and 20 vertical burpee block jump over at round 3.

Slider 40.21 Waldo 47.10 Snaphook DNF (due to time constraints and duties at home) unfortunately missed out on the last set of bunnies.

Moleskine: 5:24 YHC glanced at the clock, solo so far. Bad thoughts entered the Q’s mind- maybe go for a stroll if all alone today then report a record smashing time. 27:01 !! then out of the gloom Waldo and Slider appeared to keep the Q from making poor choices. Mumble chatter was minimal due to lack of oxygen. on the 1st 800 the 3 pax ran together and saw a sign from F3 Greenwood- a bunny ran in front of us, surely this was not a coincidence. Slider did comment several times about how much he loved the design of the workout. Waldo and Slider were very encouraging along the way which really helps when grinding these out.

Diaper boxes were flying in from all Pax, keep EH’ing, PBTF, COT- until next time- Snaphook

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