Picture by the Flags for 17 Pax following “10,051”

Weather – Clear, 60 degrees

Q – Klinger (VQ)

PAX: Kindergarten Cop, Khaki, Wrigley, Hoover, Je-Nay, Beater, Motorboat, Wilson, Pontoon-19, Headlock, Cheeseball, Beefsteak, Swan, Square, Spud, Snaphook

Disclaimer Given

Warm-up: Short Mosey, Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigodas, Weedpickers


“10,051” was the rep count to honor those that died during the 9/11 attacks and the servicemembers that fought in the subsequent campaigns to that event.

Deaths as follows by campaign/event

9/11 Attacks – 2,977

Operation Iraqi Freedom – 4,431

Operation New Dawn – 74

Operation Enduring Freedom – 2,352

Operation Inherent Resolve – 108

Operation Freedom Sentinel – 109

As a group, PAX totaled reps of of Q assigned exercises – Kettlebell Swings, Push Press, Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Squats (PAX modified as necessary). Upon Completing 50 reps – PAX ran 20 yards (symbolic of the 20 years we spend at war), and filled in a religious symbol of there preference to signify fifty lives lost during 9/11 and the above campaigns (see white board in picture). PAX did this at own pace for the first 200 blocks, and complete the last 50 together in cadence. The Final Soul was honored with a 50 second Zap-hold.

Following “Recover, Recover” – Group talked 9/11, Prayer Requests, Picture by the flag, and ENDEXED

Thank you for the support for my VQ!

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