4 PAX at grizzly on 9/13/21 for a block party of exercises in this week’s upcoming Iron Pax challenge, aka, work out from hell.

PAX- Coyote, Piddles, Greeter and Spaceballs

Disclaimer and core principles

Warm up
SSH x20
Abe Vigoda x8
Weed Pickers x10
Calf stretch
Slow Descent squats x10
Overhead Press x10
Seal Clap x10

Warm up lap around the parking lot (we’ll come back to this)

3 rounds of exercises with the block
Round 1- 20 reps each
Round 2- 30 reps each
Round 3- 20 reps each

Goblet Squats
Overhead Press
Kettle Bell Swings

After each round we took another lap around the parking lot
Last lap, we hit the gas and sprinted the final straight away

Finish with Mary

X factors x10 in cadence
Low Dolly x10 Blocks up
Flutter kicks x10 Blocks Up
BBSU x10 with blocks
LBC x20 without blocks

We collectively dread the upcoming IPC work out. Maybe this helped prepare us but it probably didn’t. 🙂

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