scheduled Q was quarantined so YHC stepped into the role.

Weather: 70F and clear

Pax: Pontoon19, Spud, State, Kitty, Motorboat

Disclaimer, Core Principles, and Mission statement

Shoulder pretzels
Run around the rotunda


Just kidding! Mary to start.
5 “W” raises
60 seconds knees slides
10 Butterfly situps
45 seconds corkscrews
levitation crunch x 10
Big Bois with rotation x 5

Actual thang:
EMOM: 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 air squats
1 minute break at 13 minutes
completed 25 minutes

Thunderstruck burpees

Recover Recover

COT and Prayers

I know Cornwallis did something similar last year and I wanted a challenge this morning. Awesome work men. Honored to call you my brothers. Stay safe!

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