The Pit – 9/14/2021

Weather: 69 degrees, feels like 70 degrees. Humidity 87%, Wind 1 mph from SSW

Pax: Square, Dr. Porkchop, Proximity (Q)

Welcome, 5 Core Principles


Stretching, SSH, Imp Walkers, WP, CH Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles


Mosey to the schoolyard

IPC Week 2:

Round 1 – Burpees

Round 2 – Squrls

Round 3 – OH Press

Round 4 – X Factors



Enjoyed getting after it early this morning for IPC. Missed having Cornwallis out to keep us on pace and our times reflected that. Tough workout (especially for YHC after Bumblebee destroyed our legs over the weekend) but I felt quite satisfied that we did not just 88, but 99 OH presses last week in anticipation for this week’s IPC challenge. Grass was relatively dry and YHC brought the tunes to keep the spirits high.

Little confusion at the start about whether or not Round 3 included a rifle carry back, but we referenced the video and from that determined that 2 rifle carries were indeed necessary. Little did we know that rifle carry was the least of our concerns during this workout.

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