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66 degrees humid morning
*Warm ups, then I realized I’ve been doing arm pretzels wrong all this time, and for the life of me could not get the count right. 
*Jog around the track…roughly 400 meters
*Four corner exercise/bball court, round 1 – (2 min intervals) 25 burpees, 30 curl + overhead press w/rock, 40 mericans, 50 bobby hurleys w/lunge walk or side straddle hop to next station. round 2 – (1:30 min intervals) 20 burpees, 25 curl + overhead press w/rock, 35 mericans, 45 bobby burleys w/lunge walk or side straddle hop to next station.
*Modified Suicides – 1st suicide added bear crawls to 1st & 3rd lines.  2nd suicide was straight sprint. 
*Circle Core Workout…Recovery, Recovery @ 6:13am.
*Announcements, prayers request, recommended sharing encouraging words to wife or lived one, shared bible verse Romans 1, 11-12, prayer, messed up video, photo, finished up 6:23am.

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