8 men posted in a 62° gloom


Maestro lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Groiners ICX10

Nipple Tweakers ICX15

Reach Around ICX15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Crab Humpers ICX10


Bermuda Triangle Circuit

Drag tractor weights at sand volleyball court down and back

Throw medicine balls over swing set once each direction

To the bathroom for 20 kettle bell Swings and 50 jump ropes

To shelter house for 20 step ups each leg


Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointers ICX20

Hello Dolly ICX20


Pickle pounders ICX20


Mumble started early with a comment from Daisy. He wanted to make sure things were OK at home given the theme of the warmup exercises. After that comment, mumble chatter was difficult to locate as we were all spread out around the triangle. YHC did feel a bit like a kid on the playground as one PAX made fun of my toys. No, the jump ropes are not from Ruler Foods. I need to remember this at the next Festivus. Much appreciation to Pew Pew as he carried both tractor weights back to my truck. An all around good grinder of a workout. The medicine ball toss was more difficult than anticipated and overall the legs were beat down more than expected. Until next time…

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