09/21/21 at The Hill

Weather: 67° with a breeze

Disclaimer and core principles given

IPC Week 3

EMOM factor: every 2 minutes, run 50yd

Round #1:
– 50 Kraken Burpees
– 1/4 mile run

Round #2:
– 50 BDE Burpees
– 1/2 mile run

Round #3:
– 50 Bonnie Blairs (2 is 1)
– 3/4 mile run

Beater: 28:48
Slowzee: 31:40
Logger: 32:38
Cheeseball: 33:18
Faceoff: 33:21
Kitty: 34:52
Bumblebee: 36:14
Kindergarten Cop: 52:47
Optimus (mod): 42:55
Snooki (mod): 43:25

YHC would like to thank(?) the PAX for reminding me that the Bonnies are 2-is-1 and not 1-is-1. Why didnt they just say that? There was a lot of encouragement and picking up of the six today. Great job, men!

Ended with a COT and PBTF

PAX: Kindergarten Cop, Beater, Faceoff, Optimus, Cheeseball, Slowzee, Logger, Snooki, Kitty, Blades (proctor), Bumblebee Q

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