The Pit 9-22-2021

Pax: Square, Proximity (Q)

Weather: 51 degrees, feels like 48

Welcome, disclaimer, 5 core principles, f3 mission


SSH, AV, WP, IMP Walkers, KWAT


Mosey around the Pit parking lot + 20 box jumps at the wall

Mosey around the Target + stops for HR merkins

Mosey around Lowes and Target + Stops for Heel elevated squats

Mosey the Keystone-Kessler-Oxford-62nd St Loop + Stops for Burpees along the loop

Total of 3.05 miles. Almost a 5k as Square pointed out.



Plank Jacks

1 minute low plank

Recover, Recover


If this isn’t fall, I don’t know what is. Good to bust out the long sleeves today after a long hiatus.

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