48 degrees on this brisk clear morning. 4 PAX found their way to Blackcat AO for a beatdown in the gloom; Piper, Bubblicious, Pew Pew, Daisy- QIC


  • Grass pickers- 15IC
  • Tempo Squats- 15IC
  • Reach arounds- 10IC
  • Stretch tight area OYO
  • Hand release Merkins- 10IC

Thang: different Indian run based moseys around the park to see what Xmas lights have been set up already. At each stopping point, PAX completed 15 each of Squats, Merkins, LBC, SSH

  • Walk like an Egyptian to large shelter house
  • Prison run to little league diamond
  • Indian run to “Y” just off green street
  • Bataan Death March to Burlington to street entrance
  • Indian run to Bob Sanders Drive first light pole
  • Railroad tracks to pool fence
  • Duck and weave- 2 rounds
  • Indian run by aviary and back to flag; stop for 15 speed humpers at speed bump
  • Sprint around the unit- for good measure.

MOM: Bruce Lee’s- 3 sets of 20 reps


Fall break, sickness, and fart sacking led us to 4 motivated PAX for this mornings beatdown. Chatter during warm up included possible audibles needing to be called, and who was absent due to legit reasons and who just wasn’t here. Walk like an Egyptian started a surprising, yet strong burn on the legs. The group actually finished the 1.5 mile loop faster than anticipated, which allowed for more Bruce Lee. The speed humps brought cat calls from the aviary- the group voted it was aimed toward Piper. The quick lap was first attributed to the intensity of the PAX; but then realized it was more likely that we didn’t have Boucher chatter between each stop to slow our time. It was agreed that short burst running was appreciated and liked by the PAX as opposed to longer chunks. In total 120 of each exercise was completed. Mix that in with the 1.5 mile loop; good work was put in by all.

Prayers for Jay-Z and his clan; as well as our group dealing with loss of family members; and here’s to hoping we have a few more join us on Friday!!!!! See you then!

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