1 PAX posted for 70 something beachside beatdown- Sliot QIC, YHC

YHC is way down range. Realized the only real exercise for the week had been 50-100 yard beach wagon pulls and 20 yard swim sprints (wind and wave assisted), 12 oz curls were not sufficient cardio.

Thang: wake up Thursday morning and have moment of clarity that a half marathon is just a few weeks away. Run to wake up the legs and lungs – approx 4.5 miles, and one jump over a fence. Cool off in the sun and surf. Recover.

Moleskin: Q had inquired about posting in newly founded Pensacola but they were only operating on Saturdays. Decided to at least keep a few miles on the legs and enjoy the local scenery. Mumble chatter was minimal. Celebrated the successful workout with sand castles and a nap under an umbrella. See you all next week.

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