A misty and moist 50 degrees for the 5 PAX in attendance.

Piper, Bubblicious, Daisy, Pew Pew, Stache (QIC)


  • Maestro Lap
  • Grass Pickers IC
  • Quad Stretches
  • Calf Strerches
  • Willy Mays Hays
  • Arm Stretches OYO
  • Motivator from 7


Mosey to bball court

10 squat jumps, 10 alternating lunge jumps, scuicide.

R&R with 9, 8, 7,…..1 reps of each leg jump

Scuicide alternating walking lunge down, back pedal back

Suicide reverse alternating walking lunge, run back

Mosey to the shelter house


15 minutes of Mary, completed Ab Ripper X

  • Seated Gas pumps x 25
  • Seated Freddy Mercury’s x 25
  • Seated Reverse FM’s x 25
  • Crunchy Frog x 25
  • Pfifer Scissors x 25
  • Heals to Heaven x 25
  • Hip Rock n Raise x 25
  • Straight Leg Big Boys x 25
  • V-Up Roll Ups x 15
  • Oblique V Ups x 15 each side
  • Leg Climbers x 15 each leg
  • Merican Hammers x 50 SC



Not the finest of weather in the gloom. Crummy misty rain for the entirety. Not much mumble chatter this morning other than needing to check the Jay Z family tree after discovering he may be more east side of the county than he wants to admit. Which he may deny as hard as Pew Pew will regarding his ties to Colfax and Frankfort.

Hoping for double digits next week. Everyone needs to work off the fall break goo and share stories of our travels. Hopefully two Covid recoveries. Perhaps a coffeeteria will be in order.

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